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All your investments in a single sheet

µFunds lets you import your mutual fund NAVs and other attributes from Morningstar to your spreadsheet by using a simple function. Combined with the Google Finance function, you will be able to view all your investments in a single spreadsheet.

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Installing and using µFunds

Install µFunds (first use only)

Visit the µFunds page in the Google Sheets add-on store and press the Add (+ Free) button.

A new spreadsheet will open. Give µFunds permissions to work in the spreadsheets where µFunds is called.

That's it! You can now try and use µFunds in this spreadsheet and new ones if you activate the add-on.

Activate µFunds in a spreadsheet (following uses)

In a new or existing spreadsheet, navigate through the menu bar and choose Add-ons > Manage-addons.

A new window will open. For µFunds, click on Manage and press Use in this document. Now you can use µFunds!

Let's get started!

µFunds makes you able to use the muFunds function in any cell within your spreadsheet. This function takes two or three arguments, so you can call it as

=muFunds(option, id [, country])

where option is one of the valid options below, id is an asset identifier (e.g. ISIN, ticker or Morningstar ID) and country is the 2-letter country code (optional, see when it should be used).

nav: Net Asset Value (NAV) or price.

change: Last NAV/price change.

currency: Asset currency, in 3-letter code.

date: Last NAV/price date.

expenses: Total Expenses Ratio (TER).

category: Fund category according to Morningstar.

For more information about using µFunds, check our complete documentation at our GitHub wiki.

See µFunds in action

Check out our Google Sheets spreadsheet samples that use µFunds in different scenarios: a single asset, multiple mutual funds or a combination of funds and stocks with info from Google Finance.

Single mutual fund
  • One single mutual fund
  • List of purchases
  • Evolution of each purchase
  • All data via µFunds
See example
Multiple mutual funds
  • Multiple mutual funds
  • Sheet of positions
  • Sheet of operations
  • All data via µFunds
Coming soon!
Complete portfolio
  • Mutual funds and equities
  • Positions per asset and totals
  • Operations per asset
  • Data via µFunds and GFinance
Coming soon!